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Good News - ZOZEN Marched into the Colombian Market along with Sinochem Group

Time:Sep 21, 2020 Views: 4

As a professional boiler manufacturer, Wuxi Zozen Boilers Co.,Ltd. has its own worldwide sales network and established cooperation with numbers of overseas enterprises in Australia, South Africa, Arab and Thailand, etc. With a strong comprehensive strength, ZOZEN achieved cooperation with Sinochem International Petroleum Exploration & Production Co., Ltd. recently, and successfully developed Colombian market.

Good News - ZOZEN Marched into the Colombian Market along with Sinochem Group

SPIC Colombian branch, a subsidiary of Sinochem Group, has numbers of local petroleum productive bases, and is committed to long-term exploration and production of petroleum in Colombia. A boiler is an essential equipment of oil exploration. SPIC Colombian branch attached great importance to how to choose the right boiler that not only meets production requirements, but also satisfies the international environmental emission standards.

After some consultations, SPIC Colombian branch found that the native boilers require a higher cost, and at the same time, many aspects of performance are hard to meet the company's requirements. Under the circumstance, the company deiced to choose a Chinese boiler manufacturer as their partner after several comparative studies.

ZOZEN has been insisting on international development strategy. It has obtained multiple international certifications, including ASME “S” and “U” steel seals, EAC certification, CE certification, etc. Furthermore, ZOZEN has cooperated with many international customers and accumulated a wealth of practical experience.

ZOZEN took this project very seriously, because it would be the best chance to get fame for ZOZEN in Colombia. The specially appointed engineer from ZOZEN paid a visit to Colombia and organized technical seminars with SPIC Colombian branch. ZOZEN learnt about that they use heavy oil as boiler fuel, so WNS series gas-fired steam boiler was the best option. This boiler adopts a large-diameter corrugated furnace to ensure the complete combustion of fuels. It is equipped with advanced low NOx burner to ensure that the NOx emission can reduce below 30mg/Nm3, which entirely meet international waste discharge standard.

To achieve the goal of maximizing energy saving and consumption reduction, ZOZEN recommended them to install an additional condenser and economizer on the tail of the boiler. The energy-efficient equipments will take full advantages of the waste heat flue gas; the thermal efficiency can reach up above 98%.

Good News - ZOZEN Marched into the Colombian Market along with Sinochem Group

Relying on superior product quality and systematic solutions, ZOZEN successfully become a boiler supplier to SPIC Colombian branch, and provided 4 sets of steam boilers for them.

ZOZEN will take this opportunity to further expand its presence in the Colombian market, and also take this as a starting point to explore the markets including Brazil and Chile, which will hopefully open up a new prospect for marching into South American markets.

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