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ZOZEN and Uzbekistan's company compose a new epic of the Belt and Road

Time:Sep 21, 2020 Views: 2

Uzbekistan is an ancient country of the Silk Road located on the path of the Belt and Road extending to west, which is an important pivot of the silk road. As a strong advocate and firm practitioner of the Road and Belt Initiative, ZOZEN practiced the Friendly initiative of win-win cooperation in depth and successfully built partnerships with AO《NAVOIYAZOT》, a large chemical industry enterprise in Uzbekistan.

Navoiyazot is affiliated with the state joint stock company Uzkimyosanoat (chemical industry holding company), its main products include mineral fertilizers, chemical reagents and other low tonnage chemicals with with more than 170 varieties of specifications. Navoiyazot is a leading enterprise of the chemical industry in Uzbekistan, with the capacity covers 30% of the national total chemical production.

With the increasing expansion of enterprise capacity and the continuously deepening automation process, Navoiyazot planned to retrofit the existing boilers into a steam boiler system with the total steam generating capacity of 205 tph. As the important energy equipment, a boiler provides the heat energy for the production process of polymerizing, drying, dehydrating, etc., which directly affect the product quality.

With the continued development of the Belt and Road Initiative, "made in china" is gradually occupying the economic market of Uzbekistan. Following the principle of preferential selection, Navoiyazot specially appointed a delegation to conduct contrastive analysis of the large industrial boiler manufacturers in China.

The delegation of Navoiyazot found ZOZEN was standing out from others in terms of gas-fired boiler. After preliminary communication, the delegation was attracted by the professionalism of ZOZEN and decided to visit the manufacturing base of ZOZEN in Wuxi, Jiangsu upon invitation. The delegation spoke highly of ZOZEN modern, scale and professional production lines when visiting the production workshop. The two sides reached a preliminary cooperation intention.

ZOZEN and Uzbekistan's company compose a new epic of the Belt and Road

ZOZEN thread somke tube production line

A few weeks later, the delegation paid another visit to ZOZEN to discuss the specific cooperation details and both sides conducted an in-depth communication and discussion of boiler system. ZOZEN recommended SZS series and ZZ series gas-fired boiler solutions for the company on the basis of their actual steam demands. These two series of boilers are equipped with a branch of safety devices to increase the safe coefficient; the thermal efficiency can reach up to 98% with the economizer and condenser; the excellent environmental performance meet the high standards of Navoiyazot. ZOZEN and Navoiyazot signed the purchase and sales contract shortly afterwards.

ZOZEN and Uzbekistan's company compose a new epic of the Belt and Road

ZOZEN technical team carried out technical exchanges with the delegation of Navoiyazot

This successful collaboration with Navoiyazot deeply illustrated the brand influence of ZOZEN as well as indicating that the sales of ZOZEN in Russian-speaking countries had stepped towards a new platform. ZOZEN has always been insisting on the concept of energy conservation, environment protection and green development, improving core technology and making contributions to reviving the Chinese nation and resuming the heyday of the Han and Tang dynasties.

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